This book was written without all the hard to understand, scientific jargon. Common easy to understand words are used whenever possible. You will be introduced to many new terms, new ideas and new concepts.



Your mind will be opened to a new way of looking at energy and the universe. We will be going on a journey. We are going to follow a single particle as it travels across the universe. Our particle will change and perform many tasks.

When you finish reading the book, you will have to answer a question. Is Particle Mechanics the Unifying Theory? You will have to be your own judge. Physics is riddled with many theories. History is the judge of each theory. This is one of the first theories of this century.

Welcome to 21st Century Physics!


There are over 180 full color illustrations. All illustrations are either on the same page, or opposing page, to their descriptions. This was planned for the convenience of being able to view the illustrations while reading the information about them.


The elements are one of the biggest parts of the puzzle. As we discuss 20 of the first known elements, we provide explanations and full-colored illustrations for each.



The book is a 6 x 9 hard cover, smyth sewn, 372 page, first edition. The context of the book is written in a way that elementary school aged children will be able to understand it, yet never compromising the adult reader's interest. 


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