What is gravity?
How does gravity work?
Where does gravity come from?
Where does gravity go?
How do atoms and gravity work together?


What is an atom?
How does an atom look?
What holds an atom together?
What is an element?
What do elements look like?
What holds an element together?
What is a compound?
What do compounds look like?
What holds a compound together?

Hot and Cold:

What causes hot and cold?


What is light?
How does light work?
How does light look?


What is electricity?


What is sound?
How does sound look?
How does sound work?
How do waves work?
What is the cause of waves?


What is a magnet?
How do magnets work?
What causes magnetic fields?
What do magnetic fields look like?
What causes magnets to push apart?
What causes magnets to pull together??
What causes the compass to point north?


What is color?
How does color work?

Other Questions:

Is there a speed limit?
What powers the sun?
What holds the galaxies together?

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