The Key Ring Atom gets its name because it is shaped like a key ring. Imagine the center key ring to be the proton ring, and each of the keys that are attached to be electron rings. All of those particles together make up the atom. The number of electron rings that an element has, and how the proton rings are connected give the shape and therefore the characteristics to the atoms. The way the proton rings are hooked together is known as the Proton Ring Configuration (check out that video below!). We have made short videos each dedicated to their own element, watch them below. Enjoy!



Law 9: Deuterium





Law 9: Helium





Law 9: Lithium





 Law 9: Proton Ring Configuration





 Law 9: Beryllium





 Law 9: Boron





 Law 9: Carbon





 Law 9: Nitrogen





 Law 9: Oxygen