As we learned in Law 12, all atoms have energy particles that travel through their core. When those particles travel through the core their state is changed. Those energy particles traveling through the atom’s core are called a gravity stream. So when the gravity comes out of the other side of the atom, we refer to it as “exiting gravity.” Those energy particles in the stream of exiting gravity can be turned into sound, light, magnetic particles or a plethora of other types of particles. Exiting gravity is a huge source of energy that has been unknown…until now! Check out the series of videos below to see just what exiting gravity can do!



Law 19: Exiting gravity changes state after passing through the atom.





Sound particles come from exiting gravity





 Waves in the water are exiting gravity particles





Magnets get their power from exiting gravity





Infrared light particles come from exiting gravity





Red hot metal produces light and heat from exiting gravity





 The sun is powered by exiting gravity