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Law 1:   Energy can move through matter.


Law 2:   Energy can be reflected by matter.


Law 3:   Energy can be changed by matter.


Law 4:   Energy moves forward.


Law 5:   Energy can move at different speeds.


Law 6:   Energy has different sizes and shapes.


Law 7:   Energy has different states.


Law 8:   Atoms are energy particles traveling in circles.


Law 9:   An element is a chain of proton rings.


Law 10: Molecules are elements chained together by shared electron rings.


Law 11: Hot and Cold are caused by the size and speed of an atomís electron rings.


Law 12: All molecules have energy streams traveling through their core.


Law 13: Gravity is an energy stream that pushes all molecules in its path.


Law 14: A gravity streamís length can reach as far as light.


Law 15: Sound is a particle in a corkscrew energy state.


Law 16: Light is a particle in five different states.


Law 17: Electricity is a particle that swims.


Law 18: Magnetic fields are caused by circling energy particles.


Law 19: Exiting gravity changes state after passing through the atom.


Law 20: U = #Td  The equation for the universe



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